Exhibtion Photographs of the RuhrTriennale 2002 – 2007

RuhrTriennale exhibition presented in German Embassy in Paris

The photo exhibition Fotografien zur RuhrTriennale 2002-2007 (photos of the RuhrTriennale2002-2007), which was supported by the association of friends and sponsors of the RuhrTriennale, helps to introduce the festival and region to a large internationalaudience. Former stations of the exhibition were the state parliament Düsseldorf as well as the representation of the State North Rhine-Westphalia in Brussels.

Up until the 14th of November the exhibition was presented in the German Embassy in Paris. Within the "culture season France-North Rhine-Westphalia" a selection of impressive large-sized photos, which show outstanding moments of productions and the amazing industrial venues, can be seen.

The pictures were taken by various photo artists, such as Bernd Uhlig, Ursula Kaufmann, Hermann and Clärchen Baus, Michael Kneffel or Uwe Niehuus, who have documented the development of this unique festival in multifaceted ways. The exhibition covers the beginnings of the festival in 2002 under founding director Gerard Mortier up until the second RuhrTriennale under artistic director Jürgen Flimm.

During the "culture season France-North Rhine-Westphalia" a diversified culture programme from NRW will be shown in France – such as Willy Decker’s production of Le vin herbé, which will appear at the Opéra de Lyon in January 2009 as a guest performance of the RuhrTriennale.