Salt A magical theatrical experience for children in the saline plant

World premiere
Stage-, costume designer, co-director:
Sound designer, Composer:
Andy Pink
Lighting designer:
Anna Watson
Musical Director:
Jonathan Williams
Phillippe Cherbonnier
Antonia Kemi Coker, Saul Eisenberg, Liam Lane, Robert Luckay, Eric MacLennan, Claire Mallet, Mohsen Nouri, Helen White
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Opening night:
31. August
4:00 pm
1., 3., 4., 5. September
11:00 am
5., 6., 7. September
4:00 pm
8., 10., 11., 12. September
11:00 am
12., 13., 14. September
4:00 pm
every seat
10 €

For children above the age of 8.

What do they make in the saline plant?
Salt, of course.
Everyone knows salt.
Salt is white and fine and tastes of salt.
But the salt from the saline plant is different.
The salt from the saline plant is white,
but not so fine and it tastes of nothing and certainly not of salt.
The salt from the saline plant is made of charcoal.
What? Salt from charcoal? White from black?
How is that done?
Come and join us at the saline plant.
Come and join us in the magical world of chemistry
and in the magical world of theatre,
of earth, water, air and fire,
of secret symbols,
where black becomes white and arid fields suddenly bloom.

The English company Theatre-Rites under the leadership of artistic director Sue Buckmaster are specialists in taking theatre for young audiences into a wide range of non-theatre locations which they transform to create playful and spectacular works which children and adults can share.

Their philosophy is that young people experiencing theatre for the first time deserve to be able to see performances with all the richness and complexity of form usually reserved for grown-up audiences.

This year the RuhrTriennale has specially commissioned Sue Buckmaster and her company to create a work for a site characteristic of North Rhine-Westphalia and its industrial heritage as well as the history of the festival itself. This will be the first time that Theatre-Rites has created a work exclusively for anyone outside the U.K..

Commissioned by the RuhrTriennale in collaboration with Theatre-Rites.