5th to 12th July 2008 at New York Armory Hall

Die Soldaten (The Soldiers) at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York

This spectacular production of Bernd Alois Zimmermann's opera Die Soldaten (The Soldiers) is appearing at the Lincoln Center Festival from 5 to 12 July. This is the North American premiere of the RuhrTriennale production and is the highlight of this year's festival in Manhattan. The performance, so highly-acclaimed by both public and press, will be presented by the Bochum Symphoniker under the baton of Steven Sloane and with a virtually-unchanged cast.

Originally seen in 2006 and 2007 at the Bochumer Jahrhunderthalle, the opera will have five performances at the Armory Hall. The hall was constructed in 1888 as a drill hall for military cadets and the audience is navigated along a T-shaped stage. This is the very first time an opera production from the Ruhrgebiet has been invited to New York - the outlay in terms of logistics and personnel is tremendous. This invitation from Lincoln Center Festival truly confirms the role of the RuhrTriennale as a cultural ambassador for North-Rhine Westphalia.

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Photos: Clemens Sippel and Technical team of the RuhrTriennale