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workshop for teenagers

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What do the fruits and vegetables look like that are not picked in the supermarket? What is the difference between mere sustenance and preparing a meal, between a snack eaten while standing up and an invited dinner? Why do we sometimes just like to eat before the television or the computer?

Cooking and eating aren’t usually part of the artistic program of a festival, but this year it moves from being a side-dish to the main course. In a several day holiday workshop, freitagsküche seeks to show us that shopping, cooking, and eating can be a form of art.

A large meal with many guests is like a performance (things appear, things disappear), an opera (all the senses are in play), a post-dramatic piece of theater (interactive and political), contemporary dance theater (people come, people leave) or a piece by Tino Sehgal (nothing is left over).

In doing kitchen children and young people take over the power of the shopping lists and the poetry of the menus. The kitchen becomes a stage, in which raspberries and hamburgers, regional and global menus, on which everyday life, art, and foot enter surprising, pleasurable combinations. During the festival, young people will work at the stoves with the cooks of the freitagsküche, and on the last Saturday they will take over on their own to cook for the audience of Boris Charmatz’s manger.

Workshop open to young people aged 14 and older.

Artistic Direction —
Workshop —
11. bis 14. August in der Gebläsehalle
Information and Application —
Cathrin Rose
Telephone —
0209 / 60 50 71 47
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workshop for teenagers - free entry
Entrance free

Workshop: 11 to 14 August in Gebläsehalle, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Information and registration:
Cathrin Rose
0209 60 50 71 47


Project supporter

With friendly support of Stiftung Mercator.

Sponsored by NRW.BANK as part of the Innovationspool 2012 – 2014.

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