Ruhrtriennale artists in conversation

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    (c) Stephan Glagla
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The word festival is closely related to the word festivity: all festivities, from ancient times to postmodernism, live from the idea of a state of exception. They are spatially defined, temporally limited, and allow us to have experiences that we wouldn’t ordinarily have. tumbletalks are also permanently temporary, they exist only for a moment or in memory. Not transcribed or recorded, they are understood as a stage of public thought. They are ´oral sessions,` which the audience can participate in creating as a society that is always addressable.

tumbletalks aren’t about enlightenment, entertainment, or advertisement. They seek to create an uncontrolled economy of attention where the boundless conversation, the permissible lack of focus, or the untold story can lead to a surprising shift in perspective.

The artists invite us from the perspective of art to reflect on the profound transformation that society and individuals have undergone in the twenty-first century. While Louis Andriessen asks what relationships of force exist among material, mind, and society, Harun Farocki poses the question of what new material and immaterial forms of labor the post-industrial age has produced and Boris Charmatz asks whether we are able to digest our reality at all.

Tickets — 5 €
The talks are partly in English.

A Ruhrtriennale production in cooperation with Kunstring Folkwang, Verein der Freunde des Museum Folkwang.

Louis Andriessen / Heiner Goebbels
17. August 2014: 12.00 PM
Kasper König / Diedrich Diederichsen
24. August 2014: 12.00 PM
Jonathan Bepler / Markus Müller
31. August 2014: 12.00 PM
Romeo Castellucci / Emilio Pomàrico
7. September 2014: 12.00 PM
Boris Charmatz / Aernout Mik
14. September 2014: 12.00 PM
Mathilde Monnier / Eszter Salamon
21. September 2014: 12.00 PM
Heiner Goebbels / Holger Noltze
28. September 2014: 12.00 PM