Terms and Conditions

of Kultur Ruhr GmbH

I. Scope
The Kultur Ruhr GmbH hosts the annual Ruhrtriennale. When purchasing admission tickets to the Ruhrtriennale, with regard to the rights resulting thereof and the events taking place as part of the Ruhrtriennale, the following General Terms and Conditions apply.

II. Admission prices

Valid prices are those printed at the time in the events programme of the Ruhrtriennale. The stated prices contain all charges.
Remaining tickets will be available for sale at the box office, which generally opens one hour before the start of the event.

Unless otherwise stated, all available tickets will be sold at a reduced price for school children, students (up to 26 years of age), participants in the federal volunteer scheme, trainees and the unemployed.

Original documentation must be produced when purchasing tickets and when attending the events to demonstrate eligibility in the sense of Point 1. If eligibility cannot be verified when attending an event, the difference between the reduced and the regular ticket price must be paid.

III. Purchasing tickets

The tickets purchased at the box office or an advanced booking office must be checked immediately with regard to the desired number, price, date, event, venue and seating category. Subsequent complaints will not be recognised.

Tickets sent by post must also be checked immediately following receipt with regard to the desired number, price, date, event, venue and seating category. The postmark, fax report or email transmission report will be material to any claim. Subsequent claims cannot be recognised.

When using the Ticketdirect procedure, the customer receives an electronically transmitted admission ticket for print-out. The customer is entitled to make a print-out of ordered admission tickets for the purposes of the intended usage; he/she is not entitled to make numerous copies or to reproduce – in any form – the printed ticket, in order to sell the copies or to gain access for him/herself or a third party to an event. The customer is obliged to take all reasonable measures to prevent the reproduction of tickets by third parties. The event organiser reserves the right to demand reimbursement of any costs from any customer whose entry ticket has been illegally copied due to negligence on the part of the customer. The single use code on Ticketdirect entry tickets will be validated at the venue electronically using the appropriate scanners. Customers holding an entry tickets whose code is illegible or has already been validated will not be permitted entry to the event. The event organiser is not liable for loss caused by the illegal reproduction or misuse of a Ticketdirect admission ticket, unless the organiser has caused that loss by serious negligence at the very least. In all other cases, the provisions regarding entry tickets apply as described elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

The regulations concerning distance selling contracts in accordance with § 312g Section 2 no. 9 of the German Civil Code shall not apply.

IV. Passing on admission tickets

Admission tickets are sold exclusively for private use. The following is prohibited in particular,

a) offering admission tickets for sale on Internet auction sites;
b) selling admission tickets commercially;
c) passing on admission tickets privately at a price higher than that given on the admission ticket;
d) passing on or using the admission tickets for the purposes of advertising, marketing, as a bonus, promotional gift, prize or part of a hospitality or travel package if not previously approved by the organisers in writing

Should the admission ticket be used for the aforementioned illegal purposes, then the admission ticket becomes invalid. In this event, the organisers have the right to cancel the admission ticket and to refuse the owner of the admission ticket entry to the event without compensation.

Any further claims to compensation remain unaffected. The organisers retain the right to exclude persons who are in breach of the aforementioned prohibitions from purchasing admission tickets in the future.

The organiser is not liable vis-à-vis visitors for services and prices of tour operators or other ticket providers.

V. Returning admission tickets

The return and exchange of admission tickets is generally not possible.  Any admission tickets mislaid or destroyed by the customer will not be replaced or refunded; this also applies to admission tickets that have been lost during delivery by mail.

Cast and programme may be subject to change and do not entitle the customer to return the admission ticket. The ticket price will be refunded if an event is cancelled before the start or within the first half of the event running time, minus the system and advance selling fee.  In general, refunds will be made by bank transfer if the admission ticket and bank details are sent to the organiser within six weeks of the planned event. The return of tickets due to a rescheduling of an event is only possible up to one day before the final event date. The reimbursement provision does not apply if an open air event is moved into a hall, in the event of visibility restrictions, if an event is cancelled due to force majeure, strike, illness or other events for which the organiser cannot be held responsible

VI. Vouchers

Event organiser vouchers can be redeemed at authorized advance selling offices for admission tickets to all events, as long as tickets are still available for the relevant events. The original voucher must be presented. Vouchers can only be credited at the time of purchase. They cannot be redeemed against tickets already purchased. If the value of the voucher is not sufficient to cover the order, the remainder will billed.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Cash payment of remainders is not possible. Any remaining sum will be transferred to a new voucher

VII. Event schedule

In order to facilitate a smooth running of the event, the customer is obliged to take his/her seat as specified on the admission ticket and to switch off signalling functions on mobile telephones and other electronic devices. Customers who arrive at an event after the advertised starting time no longer have a right to the seat they have purchased. In addition, they may only be admitted if this does not cause a disturbance to the event. In cases such as these claims cannot be made for a refund of the admission ticket price.

The event organiser exercises its domiciliary rights in the event locations. The organiser is entitled to expel people from the premises or ban people from entering the premises or to take any other suitable measures in line with its domiciliary rights. In particular, visitors may be expelled from events if they cause a disturbance, bother other visitors or infringe on the General Terms and Conditions in another way. Access may be prohibited if there are grounds to presume that a visitor may disturb the event or bother other visitors.

VIII. Audio, photo and film recordings

For copyright and ancillary copyright reasons, any audio, photo or film recordings, including those for private use, are strictly prohibited.
Violations are punishable according to copyright law and may give rise to claims for damages.

In the event of violations, the house staff are entitled to confiscate recording devices and cameras and to retain these until the performance has concluded.
Recording devices that contain parts of a performance will only be returned to the visitor when he/she has agreed to the prior deletion of these recordings.

By purchasing an admission ticket and by entering the event venue, the visitor agrees to allow possible images of his/her person and reproduction of his/her voice in any media coverage (e.g. photos, TV recordings and broadcasting) made by the organiser or its representative in connection with the event without payment. This consent incorporates the reproduction and use of the image and voice in a usual and reasonable way.

IX. Liability

The organiser, its legal representative and agents are only liable in cases of intent or gross negligence.

The organiser’s liability for the violation of material contractual duties also in cases of simple negligence remains unaffected by the afore-mentioned liability limitation; this is, however, limited to damages that are foreseeable and typical of the contract. Claims for damages resulting from injuries to life, limb or health as well as in accordance with product liability law remain unaffected by the aforementioned limitation of liability.

X. Storage of data
The organiser is entitled to store personal data obtained through the reservation or sale of admission tickets and to use these for this purpose. These data will not be passed on to third parties.

XI. Final provisions

German law applies exclusively.
The location for all legal and judicial purposes for all claims between the organiser and merchants or legal representatives of public bodies or public funding organisations is Gelsenkirchen, in the absence of any irrefutable legal claims to the contrary.

Should any individual provision above become invalid or be superseded by a specific agreement, this will not affect the effectiveness of the other provisions in any way.

Status 16 June 2014