Thomas Friemel and Michael Riedel are the creators and practitioners of the Frankfurt freitagsküche or “Friday kitchen“, an established institution in the cultural life of the city and in the tradition of Peter Kubelka. Every week guest chefs, artists and friends are invited to prepare dinner together. When the artist and experimental filmmaker Peter Kubelka inaugurated the chair of “film and cuisine as an artistic discipline” at the Städelschule in the early 80s, he extended the way in which we could think about eating and cooking as art. 

The freitagsküche is a meeting point for those active in a range of cultural, economic and political fields, a ›communications factory‹, which offers an unforced framework for table talk. In 2013 the freitagsküche offered the festivals audiences and artists the chance to enter conversations with each other after the Friday performances. This year the freitagsküche will invite the Ruhrtriennale audiences to dinner on Saturdays in its venues in Duisburg and Bochum. Parallel to the festival, the freitagsküche chefs will offer a workshop on the theme of eating and cooking, what these have to do with art and culture and above all with themselves as part of the No Education programme. On the final Saturday the children will be in charge of the pots and pans under the title doing kitchen”.