Yves Godin

Lighting creator, Yves Godin takes part at the beginning of the nineties in the projects of various choreographers (Hervé Robbe, Georges Appaix, Fattoumi & Lamoureux), thus approaching a wide field of aesthetic experimentations. He later works with several musicians, visual artists and choreographers (notably Alain Michard, Kasper Toeplitz, Rachid Ouramdane, Julie Nioche, Emmanuelle Huynh, Boris Charmatz, Claude Wampler, Ingrid Van Wantoch Rekowski, Christian Sébille, Maria Donata d'Urso, Jennifer Lacey & Nadia Lauro, Alain Buffard, Vincent Dupont). His process rests on the idea of a light that doesn't depend on the dance, the music or the text, but can enter in resonance with the other components of the scenic act, by working around two principal lines: the perception of space and time, and the weaving of a network of connections, more or less anachronistic with the other natures in presence (bodies, sounds, thought, time). Today, he collaborates mainly with Vincent Dupont and Boris Charmatz.
In the field of exhibition, Yves Godin creates the light installations of the exhibition Legend at the Domaine de Chamarande(2008), of the opening of the LiFE (St Nazaire, 2008) with Life light, as well as the happening étrangler le temps (prefiguration of the Dancing Museum, April 2009, Le Garage-Rennes) with the light installation Fiat Lux pour un garage Volkswagen. He also takes part in the Dancing Museum's expo zéro at the LiFE (St Nazaire, 2009). Since 2008, he invites performers to take part in Point d'orgue, an installation for a thousand candles.