Marie Goudot

Marie Goudot was initiated into the performing arts at a very early age at the Ecole des Enfants du Spectacle in Paris, as well as at several dance conservatoires. She continued her training at the Rudra school-studio (Kendo, theatre, singing, ballet and the Graham Technique) and then joined the Béjart Ballet company in Lausanne for two years. From 2000 to 2002 she took part in creations by the Ballets de la parenthèse at Marseille under the choreographer Christophe Garcia.
In 2002 Marie joined Russell Maliphant in London until 2005 and performed in several creations and international tours. On returning to France in 2005, she co-founded Collectif Loge 22 with Michael Pomero and Julien Monty, an artistic joint venture that yielded eight productions, two dance films and a European artistic exchange project called Spider. From 2006 to 2010 Marie worked regularly with the Alias company in Geneva and the choreographer Guillerme Bothello on a new creation and several revivals.
In 2007 she took part in the process of creating François Laroche-Valière's Et pour s'éloigner. In 2009 she started up a course in the Alexander Technique together with Eulalia Sagarra. In 2010 the Collectif Loge 22 were involved in close collaboration with Pierre Droulers on a revival of de l'air et du vent, which Droulers and his performers had written fifteen years previously. At the same time, Marie runs courses on contemporary dance and improvisation workshops at Geneva (Alias Cie), Grenoble (le Pacific CDC), Lyon (la Scène sur Saône) and elsewhere.