Lieven Gouwy

Born in 1975, Lieven Gouwy is active as a musician, singer, writer and as the general and artistic director of Tangerijn vzw. As well as being a singer with the Graindelavoix ensemble, he was a driving force behind Abrikoosje het Appelflapje, an action-filled piece of musical and picture theatre which received support from the Flemish Community and De Bijloke. He has worked as a writer, performer and composer for the musical theatre piece Lât die Welt mîn Eigen sîn, the storytelling performance De Tegenvoeters, the musical performance Pinokkio, een tweeluik and Sprookje voor een Prins, een Prinses en een Zwarte Nachtraaf. He also wrote the music for the Briek audio books by illustrator Pieter Gaudesaboos. He is currently working on a new musical performance that is scheduled to premiere in the 2011-2012 season.