Karmina Šilec

Karmina Šilec, born in 1967 in Maribor, Slovenia, has brought freshness and originality to the world of vocal music, opening new spaces of expression, persuasiveness, intensity of experience, and communication. With ›Choregie - vocal theatre‹ and its innovative interventions, she has opened wider artistic spaces and set trends towards complex multi-media events - productions performed on stages of international festivals and broadcast by the EBU and Eurovision.
As conductor she has projects with various ensembles: the Carmina Slovenica choir, the Radio Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Maribor, the Slovenian National Project Choir, the ¡Kebataola! ensemble, the Orchestra Chorus Instrumentalis, and many ensembles worldwide.
Karmina Šilec has received more than 20 of the highest and different special awards on international competitions, most recently an award by the ITI - International Theatre Institute ›Music Theatre Now‹ in the category ›Music beyond opera‹.
She also works as an artistic adviser for choral music, gives lectures to conductors and is regularly a guest conductor, jury member or member of artistic committees at festivals and competitions. She teaches conducting at the University of Maribor and lectures at many universities around the world. Karmina Šilec is the artistic director of the international concert series Attacca, the Choregie aka Choregie festival for new music and of Choregie - New Music Theatre.

There are few artistic teams in Slovenia as widely recognized in the international arena as can undoubtedly be said for the conductor Karmina Šilec's outstanding ensembles Carmina Slovenica and ¡Kebataola!.

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