tumbletalk 2

Ryoji Ikeda, Rimini Protokoll, Robert Wilson, Dan Perjovschi, Mischa Kuball

  • © Michael Kneffel
    (c) Michael Kneffel
  • © Michael Kneffel
    (c) Michael Kneffel
  • © Michael Kneffel
    (c) Michael Kneffel

12.00 p.m. Ryoji Ikeda

1 p.m. Rimini Protokoll

2 p.m. Mischa Kuball

3 p.m. Dan Perjovschi

4 p.m. Robert Wilson

Conversations are based on cooperation between subjects. tumbletalks begin just where a talk show would run out of steam: at the zero point of communication. Developing a good conversation about art means entering a forum and act in a pleasurably negative way. Without a subject, without a goal, without rehearsed questions and answers, without interpretation, without recording, without a net. The only rule is as old as the history of the theater itself: the unity of location, time, and plot. The tumbletalks are a closed (mini) drama and public thought in the same moment. On first glance, they might seem anachronistic (two people deep in conversation), yet on second glance they deal very much with the here and now (at issue are new art forms in a globalized world). Theoretically, anything is allowed that is spontaneous and unplugged. Intellectual jazz, silence before the audience, artists in action. Practically speaking, video meets audio, media art meets industrial space, a set of twins meets a string quartet, Hans Christian Andersen meets Gudrun Ensslin and the audience Stifters Dinge.


— 25. August
— Partly in english

With museum ticket from 5 €

  • Sun25Aug
    12.00 - 17.00
    tumbletalk 2 on 25. August 2013 at 12.00 PM


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