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Kunststiftung NRWKunststiftung NRW
Sponsorship for the arts in an international context:
Fine arts, multimedia, music, theatre, dance, literature in and from North Rhine-Westphalia; Projects, awards, bursaries, purchases, and initiatives.

pro Bochum

Pro Bochum Foundation
Founded: 27 October 1995
The foundation was set up to sponsor culture, scholarship and sport in Bochum.

Kemnader Kreis e.V.For the past 20 years businessmen and women from Bochum, Hattingen, Herne and Witten have come together as the Kemnader Kreis e.V. Its main aim is to support cultural events and institutions.  The Kreis itself is also an initiator, it founded the Bochum Euro-Orchestra for example, an orchestra made up of unemployed musicians that over the past year was able to give more than 120 concerts.The Kemnader Kreis is not on its own. All across the Ruhrgebeit civic engagement is full of life and variety - because we understand that the state can only form the basis of a social and independent life. The warmth and the colour that makes our world worth living in originate from the personal dedication of each individual. At the same time, the Kemnader Kreis also pursues economic interests, if these can help support culture. The region is changing and we need the creative and unconventional thinkers of Europe who are prepared to take risks in order to develop new and unique products. And to ensure they come here, we require a cultural landscape that inspires, communicates and adds a particular quality to life in the Ruhrgebiet. Which is why we also support the Ruhrtriennale’s international aims.

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