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coolibricoolibri is the event medium for the Rhine-Ruhr region. This is no idle boast: it is the most-read city magazine and has the largest events listings. In addition coolibri provides its readers with quality reading material about NRW’s cultural landscape. That’s why it’s called “Events, trends and reportage in the Rhine-Ruhr region” – and now in three formats: as a monthly magazine, online at www.coolibri.de and as a smartphone app.

K.WESTK.WEST– The cultural magazine of the West.
Appearing monthly in the cultural magazine of Klartext-Verlag in Essen since the autumn of 2003, the magazine represents a published response to the unique cityscape of North Rhine-Westphalia and to the opportunities for the arts offered by this culturally-rich region. K.WEST under the leadership of Ulrich Deuter and Andreas Wilink, informs, critiques, comments and provides a critical and intellectual appraisal that transcends the municipal and regional boundaries of the state.

WDRWDR. Hear more. See more.
Anyone who values keeping themselves in the know, making up their own mind, being entertained and inspired, and occasionally learning something new, has made the right choice with WDR’s radio and TV programming and online provision. Here and see more – for listeners, viewers and users of WDR, this means an opportunity to know more, more of what really matters – it means being more discerning and maintaining a better sense of orientation. That is our claim, and in the truest sense of the word, our programme.

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