Louis Andriessen

Louis Andriessen is one of Europe's most eminent and influential composers. His music combines propulsive energy, economy of material and distinctive sonorities, often dominated by pungent wind and brass, pianos and electric guitars. His works show influence of Stravinsky. Andriessen has explored, in relation to music, the subjects of politics, time, velocity, matter and mortality in five works for large ensemble: De Staat (1976), De Tijd (1981), De Snelheid (1983), De Materie (1985-88), and Trilogy of The Last Day (1996-97). His stageworks include operas Writing to Vermeer (1997-98), La Commedia (2004-08) and monodrama Anaïs Nin (2009-10). Andriessen is a central figure in Dutch contemporary arts scene and winner of the 2011 Grawemeyer Award. A series of recordings are available via Nonesuch label. Andriessen lives and works in Amsterdam.

Works by Louis Andriessen include:

Hoketus (1977) for 2 groups of five instruments De Stijl(1985) for 4 women's voices, female speaker and large ensemble Writing to Vermeer(1997-98) Opera in six scenes, in collaboration with Peter Greenaway