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Gießhalle, Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

Gießhalle, Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

Emscherstraße 71

47137 Duisburg


The Gießhalle (casting bay), at 84 metres long and 21 metres wide, is partly open to the air and forms part of the blast furnace arena 1. Apart from the furnace with its scaffold and casing, the arena comprises a set of counter-flow heat exchangers with scaffolding for hot and cold blast sliding valves to one side of the casting bay, dust repositories, sloping conveyer belts rising from the ore storage bunkers alongside a winch house and culm coke tower.

When the smelting works were still in use, the iron in the casting bay would be ‘run-off’ approximately every two hours. The liquid iron ore flowed directly from the blast furnace into a bed of moulding sand, for solidification into pig iron (iron ingot). This was then cooled with water, broken up and transported to the casting bay or steel works for further processing.

The latticed plate walls of the bay enabled a through draft to keep the space aired and the temperature under control.

Since the mid-1990s, this open-air building has been used for concerts, theatre and outdoor cinema. To enable the space to be used, the discharge aperture of the blast furnace was made safe, the iron ore ducts and funnels were blocked up, new sets of stairs were installed and a huge steel and concrete rostrum seating 1000 spectators was built into the space. To upgrade the performance space further, in 2003 a retractable wave-shaped roofing structure (designed by planinghaus architekten and the Büro für Industriearchäologie, Darmstadt), was built to afford visitors protection even from rain. The surface of the root consists in transparent, air-filled cushions, suspended from tracks that form part of a steel structure. The track supports vault out from the Gießhalle into the open air, up over the surrounding pipework to right above the ‘open-air foyer’.

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