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Carla Bozulich

Carla Bozulich, singer, sound artist, painter and author, was born in New York City.  She spent her formative years in San Pedro, California, where she came into contact with the punk band The Minutemen. In 1982 she was already involved in dadaistic word games for her album Zurich 1916. Bozulich sang with several bands, such as The Neon Veins, Invisible Chains, Ethyl Meatplow and The Geraldine Fibbers as well as bringing out her own solo albums, for example I’m Gonna Stop Killing and Evangelista. She collaborated closely with Willie Nelson and in 2003 covered his legendary conceptual album The Red Headed Stranger. On top of this she wrote the music for a theatrical production of Jean Genet’s The Maids and for the film By Hook Or By Crook, as well as creating the performances Fake Party and Performance For Fever Dreams. At present Carla Bozulich is writing a novel entitled The Sparkely Jewel.