Spuren der Verirrten by Peter Handke

First performance
Claus Peymann
Angelika Rieck
Jörg Gollasch
Jutta Ferbers
Carmen-Maja Antoni, Ursula Höpfner, Christina Drechsler, Franziska Junge, Charlotte Müller, Elisabeth Rath, Marina Senckel, Boris Jacoby, Gerd Kunath, Thomas Niehaus, Dirk Ossig, Rainer Philippi, Michael Rothmann, Marko Schmidt, Veit Schubert, Konrad Singer, Norbert Stöß, Georgios Tsivanoglou, Axel Werner, Thomas Wittmann
Opening night:
1. October
7:30 pm
1 hour 50 minutes
2. October
7:30 pm
1 hour 50 minutes
Categorie A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
20 €
Categorie D
10 €

Discussions between the audience and the actors, Jutta Ferbers and Claus Peymann will be held after the performance of October 2 in the foyer.

Foyer television: Press-conference – Guest: Claus Peymann, ORF 1998


Comedy? Tragedy? Peter Handke's dream play of the origins and transience of our longing and our visions takes the audience on a journey. A journey for those who are searching, wandering around, and for those who ultimately lose their way. Couples repeatedly cross the square and can no longer find each other. War begins in the insides, in the souls of human beings.
Helpers, persons seeking help, disputing and reconciling people, belligerent ones, injured ones, angry persons, sad persons, mourners, love-addicts, love-evaders, people who are leaving, opposers – people that are appearing and disappearing unexpectedly amidst a small migration. Episodes  and fragments, passing words, conversation scraps, impetousities and break-downs – people on the run from a global deseaster. God, represented as a ranger - »the Third« -, tries to reorder the chaos. But he is not able to help either. Just as well as the artist does not bring salvation as a »hero«. Parzival has gone blind. What do we know about people nearby? Do we still know each other? Might art and beauty be capable of saving us?
The characters of Handke’s world theatre stumble through the times and do not find a way out. Doubt and desperation take a hold on us all. The spectator who took place in the first row at the beginning, gets into a conflict: Is he merely a spectator or already involved and thus an supporting actor? »There are no tragedies anymore!« Comparable to Luigi Pirandello fiction is resolved. Do the actors find a way out? Does the aberration possibly constitute a new start or even the salvation of earth?
Handke has invented a piece of world theatre – tragic and weird at the same time – an all and sundry for twenty-one everybodies, a fairy tale in the spirit of Raimund and an apocalypse at the same time.
In the end, the tale of the bird in the house who could not find its way out is told: The marks the bird left are bigger and much more immense than the small bird ever was. Our marks are passed by the play. Words and steps fade away…

A guest performance by Berliner Ensemble
in cooperation with Schauspielhaus Bochum