Aberglaube ist keine Hexerei Exploration of conscience by Otto Kallscheuer, quotes read by Daniel Rohr

Joachim Janner,
9. September
3:00 pm
every seat
10 €

Superstition is a term of  combat: The appropriate faith combats alternative half-truths which the unpretentious populace never wanted abstain from. It certainly prays to God and asks for His grace. But it can never hurt to have a few amulets, powders and tricks in mind next to some holy water.
Last but not least, church, state and science have antagonised superstitiousness. Wherever the populace did not demonstrate compliance to the rational blessings of enlightened monarchs one had to reeducate it. The philosopher and political scientific Otto Kallscheuer examines in his lecture the limits of reason regarding its relation to the myths of daily life. The crises of scientific research have blurred future. Does our progress lead us back to the Middle Ages?

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