Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

The Destruction of the Mandala

with monks from the Kingdom of Bhutan and the ChorWerk Ruhr


A fundamental aspect of a sand mandala – as a symbol of the transience of all being – is that after it has been completed, it will be destroyed. In a complex and strictly prescribed ritual the mandala is broken with a diamond sceptre and swept back together. The vocal ensemble ChorWerk Ruhr will accompany this traditional ceremony with Western vocal music from several periods. The sand which has been blessed with good thoughts and wishes is then returned to water so that it may spread around the world and benefit all beings. This ceremony will be held in public and marks a celebratory conclusion to Willy Decker’s artistic directorship.

Our thanks to the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has made it possible for this elaborate ritual, which otherwise takes place in monasteries, to be held at the Ruhrtriennale and to make it an experience available to everyone. We also thank Gregor Verhufen for liaising between the Ruhrtriennale and the Kingdom of Bhutan.