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Laklak – At Home in Many Worlds Children from 6 to 14 discover the diversity of Islamic cultures

Laklak the stork invites children and young people to fly with him on his journey into the worlds of Islam.  He will show you how he is attracted by the brightly coloured clothing in the mountain region of Algeria and how he makes a stop in Morocco, blinded by the ornaments in the courtyards of the palaces and the mosques.   The joined-up script in Iran flickers before his eyes and a wise man is able to read it.  Be there when he beats his wings in rhythm to the songs and drums in Mali and a storyteller recites tales from ancient times.  He gets quite dizzy watching the dervishes in Turkey dancing from a great height and from a distance the mosaics blur into a mandala.  He is at home in many places and feels at ease as he discovers a great deal on his travels and become familiar with many aspects of Islamic cultures.

Come along and get to know the stork cities, make mosaics, paint ornaments, write in different scripts and sing in other languages, dance until you’re dizzy…

A number of children will fly on ahead with the artists and discover and use the writings, languages and songs of these cultures in different stork cities.  Artour Projects e.V. will work in this direction on project days with schools from the Ruhrgebiet.  Primary schools who are interested in working together with artour projects e.V. and taking part in the Laklak festival with their classes should please contact the Junge Triennale.

And because travelling with migrating birds can be quite strenuous, take advantage of the opportunity to sit back in Hartmut El Kurdi’s reading and listen to his thrilling Ruhrgebiet sagas of knights, bandits and soothsayers.

In co-operation with artour projects e. V. -  Association for trans-cultural education and art.

Kindly supported by the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Ruhrtriennale.