Squatt A theatrical exploration

Heiner Goebbels
Künstlern des Instituts für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Giessen
Opening night:
16. September
7:00 pm
3 hours
17. September
2:00 pm
3 hours
every seat
10 €

Over recent years, the Giessen Institute of Applied Theatre Studies has led the way in seeking dialogue with the expressive forms and strategies of other art forms. Its researches and explorations to the furthest reaches of the field, and onward into dance, music, fine art and new media, have made the institute a byword for a changed theatrical method, drawing its energy from unceasingly self-reflexive means of representation.

Performance ensembles such as She She Pop, Gob Squad, Rimini Protokoll and showcase beat le mot and writers such as René Pollesch, Tim Staffel and Moritz Rinke began their artistic discourse in Giessen, creating a unique synthesis of theory and practice which makes the attempt to achieve a contemporary from of theatre. SQUATT shows in readily sensed fashion that even an exchange of looks can give rise to theatre and provide the opportunity for a variety of discoveries. A theatre-COMIC demonstrates the difficulties of beginning. What is waiting for us behind the dustbin? What is the man with the plastic bag saying to the lady in the green outfit? You can experience how to understand an audience in terms of physical categories, how close acting is to hysteria and what pop music has to do with science. A Tosca-opera-remix then examines the feelings of opera singers and of quite normal people. There's a blueprint for an intelligence amplifier that can save mankind from destruction in the year 2040. In the former pit-head baths of shaft 1/2/8 at the World Heritage listed Zollverein colliery, students and graduates of the Giessen Institute of Applied Theatre Studies will present theirtheatre and radio plays, installations, performance-lectures and film scenes, playing with your familiar habits of perception.

The event on September 17th includes a brunch.

Produced by the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft Giessen in co-production with PACT Zollverein/Tanzlandschaft Ruhr, Essen/RuhrTriennale