Silvia Costa

Silvia Costa, born in Treviso in 1984, studied Visual Art and Theater at IUAV University in Venice. In 2006 she starts to work with Socìetas Raffaelo Sanzio for the production Hey Girl! in the leading part. Since then she contributed to all production of Romeo Castellucci: Vexilla regis prodeunt Inferni (2008), Inferno (2009) in the role of Andy Warhol, On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God, vol. I. (2010), and as actress and assistant director in The Minister’s black veil (2011). In January 2011 Costa worked at the Opera La Monnaie de Munt, Bruxelles, as artistic collaborator for the first opera directed by Romeo Castellucci: Wagner’s Parsifal under the musical direction of Hartmut Haenchen.  
In 2007, together with the italian musician and composer Lorenzo Tomio, she founded her own artistic project Plumes dans la tête – not a fixed group, but an open-minded creation project. Their research is about creating images made of bodies, spaces, structures or sounds, which are able to touch the gaze and the spectator’s brain. All these elements are combined every time in a different way, without hierarchy except the hierarchy of the artistic idea. Their first work La quiescenza del seme (2007) won the production prize Dimora Fragile at the Festival Es.terni in Terni, Italy. Besides they also work on some sound installations in which theatrical elements are mixed with sound research to create performances based on the acusmatic principle of the sound. Plumes dans la tête created the installations Musica da Camera (2008), Concerto senza forma per i tempi a venire (2009), in collaboration with the actress and performer Mara Cassiani, and Ognuno ha il suo fantasma (2010) in collaboration with the musician Lorenzo Senni.  

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