Holger Noltze

Holger Noltze was born 1960 in Essen. As music journalist and literature critic he has worked for FAZ, LITERATUREN, Frankfurter Rundschau, Deutschlandfunk and WDR. He graduated from his studies of Early and Modern German Studies and Hispanistic in Bochum and Madrid with a PhD. Since 1990 he is host and editor of several cultural programs at WDR Radio and since 1995 he holds the position as commentator on the Bayreuther Festspiele. As a literature editor he works for the WDR 3 since 1997 and hosts the show Musikpassagenas well as the book magazine Nachtkultur. Since 2001 he additionally hosts the Sunday discussion West.art Talkwhich covers a range of subjects on culture and society. 2000-2005 Noltze was business editor in charge of Aktuelle Kultur at Deutschlandfunk.

Holger Noltze has published numerous Essays, reviews, reports, interviews and radio features. 2010 Die Leichtigkeitslüge. Über Musik, Medien und Komplexität appeared in print at Edition Körber Stiftung. In fall 2012 Musikland Deutschland? Eine Verteidigung was published by Bertelsmann Stiftung and in 2013 Hoffmann und Campe published Noltzes Liebestod. Verdi, Wagner und der Traum vom großen Gefühl which was named Book of the Year 2013 by critics in the magazine Opernwelt.
Nolze gives concert introductions and initiated the series of lectures Dortmunder Lektionen on the imparting of music at the Konzerthaus Dortmund. Since 2005 he teaches at the Faculty of Music and Musicology at the TU Dortmund, where he established the Master’s degree course music journalism.

Holger Noltze lives in Cologne, Dortmund and in Diessen am Ammersee.