Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki, born 1944 to an Indian father and a German mother, was one of the students to study in the very first class of the Berlin Movie and TV Academy. Starting 1966 he analyses social and cultural subjects with the help of film. In the mid-90s he started working not only for the cinema but for the art world as well, expanding his work from the silver screen to video installations. 2006 to 2011 he taught as a professor at the Academy in Vienna. 2007 he presented the media installation Deep Play at the documenta. His work, which by now covers more than 120 films, is shown worldwide in galleries, museums and at Biennales.

Harun Farocki died in July 2014.

Individual Exhibitions: Harun Farocki. Against What? Against Whom?Exhibitionhall of A.S.F.A., Athens 2013 / Harun Farocki, Gallerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin 2012 / Harun Farocki zum ersten Mal in Warschau, Center for Contemporary Art, Warschau 2012 / Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance), MoMA, New York 2011-12 / Harun Farocki, Kunsthaus Bregenz 2010 / Harun Farocki. Against What? Against Whom? Raven Row, London 2009 / Harun Farocki, Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2009. Publications:Diagrams, Cologne 2014; Rote Berta Geht Ohne Liebe Wandern, Cologne 2009; Kino wie noch nie / Cinema like never before, (with Antje Ehmann), Cologne 2006;  Imprint / Nachdruck, Berlin, New York 2001.