Gianni Plazzi

Giancarlo Plazzi was born 1936 in Ravenna. He began working in theater as scenographer and then as actor for "Le Albe", an Italian theater company based in Ravenna and directed by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari. For ten years he worked also with "La Compagnia del Drago", a puppet theater company, as director and scenographer, and he worked as teacher in theater workshops for schools in Ravenna.

Since 1994 he start working as actor with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, by Romeo Castellucci, taking part of two episodes from Tragedia Endogonidia ( BR #04 and C#11), Look at my face, Inferno, On the concept of the face on the son of God and the last  Giulio Cesare- pezzi staccati.