Salzlager, Essen

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    (c) Matthias Baus

The salt warehouse or Salzlager built in 1958 belongs to the ›white side‹ of the coke oven plant Kokerei Zollverein and provides space for gas cleaning facilities and processing of by-products from the coke production located on the ›black side‹. The Salzlager is part of a three-section complex of buildings with the ammonia plant, the salt warehouse or Salzlager, and the loading dock. Up until the 1980s, this place was used for producing a fertiliser produced from ammoniac and acid sulphur. During its last years of production up until the coking plant was shut down in 1993, the Salzlager and the salt factory were used as a warehouse. Contemporary art projects and theatre productions continuously contribute to the reinterpretation of the facility. The specially adapted Salzlager of the coking plant now hosts Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's room installation Palast der Projekte.

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