Hidden Mother: Audio Graffiti

An acoustic field study

  • © Heike Kandalowski
    (c) Heike Kandalowski

Audio Graffiti is part of no education

Using sticks instead of spray paint, sound instead of color, Stockholmbased percussion trio Hidden Mother has developed a new variation of graffiti. While the motifs and tags of anonymous graffiti represent a visible attack on the face of the city, the sound-sketches of audio graffiti are an artistic intervention into their acoustic identity. Its charm lies not in the omnipresence of images, but in the tension between the visible and the invisible.

During the festival, young people between 13 and 15 will explore the Ruhr Region acoustically and change it audibly. Does a place have its own sound, what sounds characterize it? How do we respond to them? Does a location present us with materials to generate new sounds and noises? What traces are left behind? The stage for the project is the World Wide Web. Audio graffiti is recorded by the young people using their mobiles and placed on line: there it can be heard, seen, and tagged.

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Entrance free

From 8th september

Project presentation

15. September 2013, 6 pm, Dampfgebläsehalle JHH

Project supporter

With the friendly support of PwC-Stiftung Jugend - Bildung - Kultur


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6. October 2013
Gebläsehalle, Duisburg
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23. August 2013
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Wit the friendly support of PwC Foundation.