rAndom international

rAndom international create artworks and installations that explore behaviour and interaction, often using light and movement. Founded in 2005 by Stuart Wood, Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch, the studio utilises raw fragments of artificial intelligence to encourage relationships between the converging worlds of animate and inanimate. The studio is based in a converted warehouse in Chelsea, London and today includes a growing team of diverse talent.

Their works have been shown worldwide, amongst others at the Museum of Modern Art (New York), at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and at the Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art (US).

The artists of rAndom International studied in London at the Brunel University and at the Royal College of Art. They live and work in London and Berlin.

Flo Ortkrass

Prior to achieving a first class degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Brunel University, Ortkrass had worked as a researcher for PHILIPS and worked afterwards at Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin on a 'Kaleidoscope' project. Together with Wood, Ortkrass co-lead the Interaction department at the Ravensbourne School of Communication. Ortkrass' practice revolves around the formal & aesthetic structure of rAndom International's work and its translation into the real world. He develops the physical aspect of the studio’s work, alongside creative conception and direction.

Stuart Wood

Wood is co-creator of Pixelroller and won the Creative Reviews' Creative Futures Award in 2005. Previously he had worked as a researcher for the BBC and Ross Lovegrove, London.Wood was appointed research associate at the School of Architecture and Design at the Royal College of Art and later, co-leader of Interaction at the Ravensbourne School of Communication. Wood directs the studio’s creative path and artistic implementation of technology. In 2013, Wood is on the jury of the D&AD award for the installation category.

Hannes Koch

While still a student Koch worked at Studio von Klier in Milan and Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin focusing on the use of the design process as a tool for artistic self-expression. Between 2005-2008, he taught the Platform 8 at the Royal College of Art together with painter Gabriel Klasmer. Next to sharing the artistic direction of rAndom International, Koch’s focus lies in the increasingly complex structure of the studio, and the creative conception and communication of its work.