Philipp Gehmacher

Philipp Gehmacher lives in Vienna. From 1993-99 he studied at London Contemporary Dance School and the Laban Centre London. In the absence, Holes and Bodies and embroyder are first choreografic works, created between 1998 and 2000 in London. From his occupation of gesture, touch and space he develops the duo good enough for the opening of Tanzquartier Vienna in 2001, followed by mountains are mountains (2003) as Gehmacher’s first ensemble piece. In 2004 he created different versions of incubator for Vienna, Berlin, Brussels and Lyon. Further works are das überkreuzen beyder hände (2006) and like there’s no tomorrow (2007), where for the first time Gehmacher is not performing on stage.

Since 2007 collaboration with US-American Choreografer Meg Stuart for Maybe forever and the fault lines (2010), since 2008 with visual artist Vladimir Miller i. e. for the video installations dead reckoning and at arm’s length. In 2008, Gehmacher develops the new form walk+talk, a Lecture Performance in which Choreografers talk about movement while moving. In 2010 his Choreografy in their name premiered at the festival steirischer herbst, Graz. An invitation of the Leopold Museum Vienna leads to the installation grauraum mit Egon Schiele inside the gallery. End of 2011 Philipp starts a cooperation in the fields of theatre. By an invitation of Schauspiel Köln he is joining the theatre project Das Erdbeben in Chili under direction of Laurent Chétouane. In June 2012 Philipp Gehmacher and Rémy Héritier settled and intervened in Hans Schabus' room-spanning installation Vertical Endeavor at the 21er Haus Vienna, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

 In July 2012 the new stage work of Gehmachersolo with Jack premiered at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz as part of the Festival ImPulsTanz. Dancer and Choreographer Philipp Gehmacher collaborates continuously with renowned institutions for contemporary dance in Europe, which coproduce and present his pieces. In 2009 he received as the first artist in the field the Austrian Advancement Award for Dance by the BMUKK - Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.