Dominic Huber

The work of stage designer and director Dominic Huber (born in 1972) opens new zones of the performative. His preferred sites are spaces that not only can be seen by the audience, but entered and experienced by individuals or entire groups. Very much in the sense of augmented reality, they work on expanding experiences of the senses, artistically modifying, activating, and manipulating actual spaces and situations. As a result, the audience actively engages with and explores surprising characteristics of their surroundings.

After studying architecture at ETH Zürich, Dominic Huber founded Blendwerk GmbH together with Christa Wenger. Productions in Zurich, Berlin, Aachen, Brussels, Lausanne, Basel, and other cities followed. Together with Bernhard Mikelska (mikeska:plus:blendwerk) Huber designed a series of theater installations including Rashomon: Truth Lies Next Door, Marienbad: Coming Soon, and at Schauspiel Frankfurt Je t'aime :: Je t'aime.

As a set designer, he has worked with prominent directors such as Peter Licht, Stefan Kaegi, Lola Arias, and Sebastian Nübling. In 2009, Huber was awarded the Werkstipendium der Stadt Zürich. His theater installation Hotel Savoy was staged at New York’s Goethe Institut (located on Fifth Avenue) and several other projects followed; Hotel Savoy was recreated as a four-story installation at Berlin’s HAU1 and Warten auf die Barbaren was performed in Zurich, Basel, and Berlin. Prime Time, an installation in an apartment building involving actual residents as part of the festival Ciudades Paralelas, has been seen in Zurich, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, and other cities.