Mischanlage, Essen

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The coke oven Kokerei Zollverein was built from 1957 to 1961 in cooperation with the coal-mine Zollverein. Every day, approximately 7,500 tons of coke were produced by processing roughly 10,000 tons of coal. In a separate mixing facility or Mischanlage, the different coal qualities were mixed so as to achieve the best possible coal composition for the coking process. The coal was put on the mixing machine's conveyer belt system connecting coal shelters and various chutes, thus running from the building's top floor down through five different levels all the way to the coke ovens located in the basement. Since 2001, both the coke oven Kokerei and the coal-mine Zollverein are part of the UNESCO world heritage. To this very day, the Mischanlage bears witness to its active past and especially the chute level is used as a venue for artistic and cultural events.

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