The Children’s Choice Awards

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The Children's Choice Awards are the Ruhrtriennale's self-intervention! A group of children will travel from city to city and from performance to performance. Music, theatre, dance, performance, and video: with the eyes of born experts and the openness of unprepared children, they will subject the contemporary art to critical examination. They will turn up at even the remotest venues at all hours, taking notes, making sketches, and putting their heads together: keep an eye out for the red carpet and give a round of applause for the incorruptible ones!

Don't miss out on the Awards Ceremony. The Ruhrtriennale and its artists submit themselves to the critical judgment of the jury: The show you want to see over and over? The coolest dancer? The best trick? The simply impossible hairdo? The worst snacks? The evening triggering the worst dreams? The moment that should never end?

Children's Choice Awards is part of No Education.

The winners of the Children's Choice Awards 2012:

Best of the Best:
Mathilde Monnier: Soapéra

Most talented person:
Tarek Atoui

Best Story:
Nature Theater of Oklahoma: Life and Times, Episode II

Most Creative Show:
12 Rooms (Live Art / Group Show)

My brain almost exploded:
Denseland (Konzert im Maschinenhaus)

Most People:
Michal Rovner: Current

Girliest Show:
Heiner Goebbels: When the mountain changed its clothing

Most Embarassing Costume:
John Cage: Europeras I & II

Best Lighting:
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse Park

The Show Where I Fell Asleep:
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Björn Schmelzer: Cesena(Veranstaltung um 5 Uhr früh)

Most Fantastical:
Mathilde Monnier: Soapéra

Worst Seats:
Romeo Castellucci: FOLK.

Best Autoscooter:
Köbberling/Kaltwasser: Our CenturY

Best Music:
Charles Ives (Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Kent Nagano, Thomas Hampson, Chen Rise)

Perverted Pose:
Mathilde Monnier: Twin Paradox

Cutest Guy in the Whole World:
Thiago Granato, Tänzer in Soapéra (Mathilde Monnier)

Pain in the Ears:
Boredoms (Konzert)

Best Teamwork:
Boris Charmatz: enfant

The Show I could Relate to the Most:
Rafael Lozarno Hemmer: Pulse Park

Best Mustache:
Hermann Keilwerth, Kontrabassist der Bochumer Symphoniker

The Show that Made Me Want to Dance:
Jérôme Bel: Disabled Theater

Psycho look:
Robert M. Johanson in Life and Times, Episode II (Nature Theater of Oklahoma)

The Show I Almost Left Because I hated it so much:
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: En Atendant

Incredibly Beautiful:
Mathilde Monnier: Twin Paradox

Best Sound Effects:
Tarek Atoui

Lemi Ponifasio: Prometheus

Best Parade:
Bergkapelle Niederrhein e.V. in Christian Marclay: Everyday

Best Drama:
John Cage: Europeras I&II

Funniest Voice:
David Bennent in Heiner Müller: Prometheus (Szenische Lesung)

Are you kidding me?
Laurent Chetouane: Sacré Sacre du Printemps

The Show Where I Laughed the Most:
Jérôme Bel: Disabled Theater

The children’s jury 100 young people from the Metropole Ruhr —
100 Kinder aus der Metropole Ruhr
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Artistic collaboration —
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— 30. September
— app. 1 h 30 min
Awards Ceremony, Registration via
Entrance free
  • Sun30Sep
    The Children’s Choice Awards on 30. September 2012 at 4.00 PM
A Ruhrtriennale production in cooperation with Mammalian Diving Reflex. With friendly support of the dm-drogeriemarkt.