No Education

Marietta Piekenbrock

No Education is self-defense. As obsessed as we are about cultural education, we often underestimate what human being including children, can bring in terms of capabilities and intuitions. This includes understanding the language of art, with no compulsion for there to be a meaning and with a sense of its variety and order. No Education is based on the observation that children, young people, and adults are equally open for such perceptions. No more ›adults only‹ zones!

There is no reason to protect spectators from complexity, no matter how young they might be. Overtaxing the audience can be the root of a profound impression. The performances of the Ruhrtriennale are chosen to promote an interaction among music, theater, dance, performance, video, and architecture with no education or prior knowledge.

Our everyday life is tied to communities and authorities that are often statically separated from one another: family, professional life, school, club, clique, or festival. Thinking, feeling, and acting take place in various locations. Yet it is only in the ensemble of these activities that the sensory flexibility of humanity reveals itself. No Education seeks to generate movement between the customary boundaries. No Education projects do not seek to obtain any result, instead postulating that a solution is not always required. No Education is news of utopia. No Education 2012 is: The Children's Choice Awards, Our CenturY and links.