Theater HORA

Founded in 1993 in Zurich, Theater HORA seeks to support and promote the artistic and creative development of people with a mental handicap and to enable them to present their extraordinary skills to a broad audience on a professional level. The theater seeks to provide the surroundings that allow for professional theater as well as the development of other artistic and creative abilities. These include artistic design, costume design, and music. Important here is that they express their own individual personality. In HORA’s view, people with mental handicaps have access to other capacities and strengths that allows them to provide a competent social and cultural contribution in artistic terms. The unfiltered perception of the HORA artists reveals hidden worlds that the beholder can understand intuitively. In this way, the goal of all Theater HORA’s activities is to anchor this positive viewpoint in public consciousness.  

At dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, Disabled Theater will be shown in a new version.   

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