Poline Renou

Poline Renou was born in Le Mans. She studied piano and bassoon and was trained as a singer by Alain Buet. At the same time she obtained a Master's degree in Musicology. She specialised in Early Music under Marie-Claude Vallin at the C.N.S.M.D. in Lyon and won the prize for early music singing in June 2004. She focuses on the medieval and Renaissance repertoires with the Huelgas Ensemble (director Paul Van Nevel), and on the baroque repertoire as a soloist with Noémie Rime and Doulce Mémoire (director Denis Raison-Dadre). She is also involved in contemporary music and jazz, as well as improvisation with the saxophonistclarinettist Matthieu Donarier, with whom she founded the Kindergarten duo in 2008.