Julien Monty

Having graduated from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse in Paris in 1997, Julien Monty joined the ballet company at the opera house in Nice. Being eager for experience, he left the world of ballet to join a Norwegian dance-theatre group called B-Valiente Kompani. He met several choreographers including Jo Strömgren and joined the Nye Carte Blanche contemporary dance company, whose director was Karen Foss. When he returned to France, he joined the Ballet Preljocaj for two seasons. After that he worked in the ballet company at the opera house in Lyon, where he encountered the work of such choreographers as Mathilde Monnier, William Forsythe and also Philippe Decouflé. Since 2001 he has worked very closely with François Laroche-Valière, in all of whose projects he has participated: Sans jamais qu'ici ne se perde (part one of a two-parter, 2002), Pour venire jusque-là (part two, 2004), Présence/s (2005), IN/STELLATION (2006) and Signature-(solo), first performed in November 2009. At the same time, in 2005 Julien Monty co-founded the Collectif Loge 22 with Marie Goudot and Michael Pomero at Lyon, in which he operates as a choreographer.