Hans Peter Dahl

From 1987 to 1995, Hans Petter Dahl worked with the Norwegian company Bak-Truppen.
In 1995, together with Anna Sophia Bonnema, he founded the L & O Amsterdam performance group. They have created several pieces including the love show Tantra & Western, What have you done with my poem? - Sing-Dance #1 (1996), Made in Heaven - Sing-Dance #2 (1997), Attention - Sing-Dance #3 (1998) and the multidisciplinary performance Post coitum omne animal triste est (1999), with a different improvising dancer every night. For these projects they worked with people from several disciplines such as Liza May Post (artist), Oyvind Berg (writer), Tom Jansen (actor) and improvising dancers including David Zambrano, Laurie Booth, Eva Maria Keller and Michael Schumacher. In 1997 they did a coproduction with Bak-Truppen called Good Good Very Good.
As a duo they created the performances Nieuw Werk (2001) and Shoes and Bags (2003). The latter was made on the occasion of the opening of their virtual house for fashion, art and concepts, MaisonDahlBonnema.
In 2005, they made their thoughtful piece Not The Real Thing together with Robert Steijn (as performing dramaturg). Their pieces, The Ballad of Ricky and Ronny - a pop opera (2007) and Ricky and Ronny and Hundred Stars - A Sado-Country Opera (2010), receive production support from Needcompany.

It was in Needcompany's King Lear (2000) that he first worked with Jan Lauwers. Since then he has also appeared in Images of Affection (2002), Goldfish Game (2002), Isabella's room (2004), The Lobster Shop (2006) and The Deer House (2008). In No Comment (2003) he was one of the six composers. He also composes music for Needlapb, for Isabella's room, The Lobster Shop (2006) and for The Deer House (2008).