Haider Al Timimi

Haider Al Timimi is a member of the artistic team of Union Suspecte. He started his career as a breakdancer in the Ghent group L'école des Champions, won the Belgian breakdance championships twice and has also taught breakdance for several years. Al Timimi was involved in Union Suspecte's productions from the very beginning (until 2004 the company was called Nit Nithei Garabam). He has appeared in their youth productions Inch Allah, Spoor 10, Bruine Suiker and VIVeALDI! and in the shows Onze Lieve Vrouw van Vlaanderen and Singhet ende weset vro (KVS in association with Union Suspecte). Al Timimi has also been involved in Some like it zot (the Kaaitheater's comedy festival), Salome (Haider Al Timimi in association with the Royal Ballet of Flanders), Stabat Mater (coproduced by the Royal Ballet of Flanders and the Groeninge Museum), Het moment waarop we niets van elkaar wisten (Kaaitheater), In welk fabriekske zijt gij gemaakt (KVS) and Layla wa majnun (Tropentheater Amsterdam). In 2006 he was the choreographer for and danced in Utopeace (Haider Al Timimi in association with Union Suspecte) and provided choreographic coaching for the youth project Hotel Ah!Med (Union Suspecte, Nieuwpoorttheater and HETPALEIS). In 2011 Haider joined Rosas for Cesena.