Grace Ellen Barkey

Grace Ellen Barkey, born in Surabaya, choreographed several of her own works before founding Needcompany in 1986 with Jan Lauwers. Over the last 20 years, Needcompany has developed a unique theatrical aesthetics that moves on the lines separating theater, dance, performance, and art. Barkey choreographed Need to Know (1987), ça va (1989), Julius Caesar (1990), Invictos (1991), Antonius und Kleopatra (1992), and Orfeo (1993). She has performed in numerous productions, including The Snakesong Trilogy: Snakesong/Le Voyeur (1994), Caligula (1997), Needcompany's King Lear (2000), Images of Affection (2002), No Comment (2003), The Lobster Shop (2006), The Deer House (2008), The Art of Entertainment (2011), Marketplace 76 (2012), Needlapb und The House of Our Fathers. She is also one of the performers in Goldfish Game (2002), the first feature-length film by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany.
Since 1992, Barkey has been establishing her own ongoing successful international career. Her first productions One (1992), Don Quijote (1993) and Tres (1995) were co-produced by Theater am Turm in Frankfurt. Later productions with Needcompany include Stories (Histoires/Verhalen) (1996), Rood Red Rouge (1998), Few Things (2000), (AND) (2002), Chunking (2005) The Porcelain Project (2007) und This Door Is Too Small (For a Bear) (2010).
In 2004, Grace Ellen Barkey and costume and set designer Lot Lemm founded the label Lemm & Barkey to provide their collaboration a fixed shape. In 2013, the performance MUSH-ROOM (working title) by Lemm & Barkey will premiere with music composed by The Residents.   

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