Gabriel Schenker

Gabriel Schenker started his professional career in 2000 when he joined Cia. Deborah Colker, where he worked until 2003 touring widely across Brazil, USA, Europe, China and New Zealand. In 2004 he came to Brussels and joined numerous dance classes and workshops, after which he joined P.A.R.T.S. for a four-year course. During his years at the school a group of students created a platform to share artistic views and processes which culminated with the formation of the Busy Rocks collective in 2008. In Busy Rocks, Gabriel actively participated in creating and performing Throwing Rocks, Dominos and Butterflies and Under the Influence, touring all over Europe. Outside Busy Rocks, Gabriel pursues a career as a teacher and as a performer. He performed in various pieces during his years at school, including William Forsythe's piece Human Writes, and since then he has collaborated with the choreographers Alexandra Bachzetsis, Doris Stelzer and Thomas Hauert / Zoo. He is also a Pilates instructor. Gabriel Schenker joined Rosas for the creation of Cesena (2011).