Hanno Leichtmann arrived in Berlin in the 1990s as a free improvising drummer and a trained jazz percussionist. After years of experience in the realm of jazz and improvisation, his interest in electronic music was now awakened. Under the Moniker STATIC he released four full length albums and several singles and remixes. With Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler, he formed the all-star band Groupshow, which holds up to eight-hour improvisation concerts. As a drummer he was asked by artists such as Pole, Daniel Bell and Raz Ohara to join their live performances. Hanno Leichtmann toured North, South and Middle America, Europe, China and Japan, and played on most of the electronic and experimental festivals such as MUTEK, Unsound, Club Transmediale, sound:frame, MaerzMusik, Benicàssim und Sónar. He made music for dance/theatre (Sasha Waltz & Guests) and film (Christoph Schlingensief). Leichtmann runs the exclusive 23 piece vinyl label PICTURE/DISK and the discohouse label MODISCH ABER UNRENTABEL.

Hannes Strobl, born in 1966, is a bassist, composer, and sound artist; he lives in Berlin. A key starting point of his music is the sound-based potential of electric bass. Strobl expands its characteristic expressive potential using special playing techniques in combination with live electronics. He works in various acoustic as well as audiovisual realms. Emphases of his work on the instrument as well as his compositional activity over recent years have increasingly been in musical forms of expression against the backdrop of urban sound space. With Sam Auinger, Strol founded the project tamtam in 2001; for their sound installations they were nominated for the Deutscher Klangkunstpreis in 2008. Together with Dietmar Offenhuber, he founded the artist group stadtmusik in 2005. He has also created works for international festivals like Sundance Festival (2008), International Media Art Festival Hong Kong (2008), and the Media Art Biennale in Seoul (2006). Strobl has worked with Stefan Betke, Tony Buck, Christof Dienz, Reinhold Friedl, Rupert Huber, Chris Kondek, Michael Moser, Toshimaru Nakamura, Bruce Odland, Reynold Reynolds. His compositions can be heard at Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck, HAU 3 Berlin, at the Sonar Festival Barcelona, Kunstenfestival Brüssel and Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

David Moss, born in New York City in 1949, is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music. Because of his 4 & 1/2 octave range and his wide vocabulary of vocal sounds and characters, he is in-demand internationally as a ´unique and powerful voice´ for a new generation of composers and opera directors. David Moss has expanded his musical work to include stage/screen performer, theater actor, opera singer, and performance/voice character in experimental avant-garde art works. He is a pioneer of the solo concert form, and has presented solo percussion, vocal and ensemble concerts around the world since 1975, e.g. he has sung at Carnegie Hall and at Lincoln Center in New York City at the Edinburgh Festival, Spoleto Festival, and the Lucerne Festival in Heiner Goebbels orchestra work Surrogate Cities. He has been a guest soloist with the Ensemble Modern since 1995. Moss performed at the Salzburg Festival in 1999 as featured soloist in Luciano Berio's Cronaca del Luogo, and in 2001 as Prince Orlovsky in Die Fledermaus. Moss collaborated with Sam Auingers, Ensemble Modern, Berliner Philharmonikern under Sir Simon Rattle and the American Composer Orchestra under Steven Sloane. In 1999, Moss conceived and co-founded (with Muziektheater Transparant), the Institute for Living Voice, of which he is currently Artistic Director. In 2006 David Moss cooperated with Stefan Kurt, Hans Peter Kuhn and Junko Wada for the Ruhrtreinnale production Einfach, eben: So!.