Anne-Catherine Kunz

Anne-Catherine Kunz (Switzerland, 1969) studied French literature and art history at the University of Geneva. In 2000 she obtained her degree Film and Video at the School of the Arts in Zurich. From 1996 till 2000 she participated in different multimedia productions, amongst others short films and a documentary. In 2000 choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker engaged her for the costume direction of the Rosas productions. In that function Kunz worked with Dries Van Noten for Rain (2001), Raga for the Rainy Season / A Love Supreme (2005) and the film Counterphrases. She assisted Tim van Steenbergen for the creation of the costumes of D'un Soir un Jour (2006) and Steve Reich evening (2007). In 2001 she made the design of the costumes for Small Hands (out of the lie of no). In 2007 she created the costumes of Nine Finger (Fumiyo Ikeda, Alain Platel and Benjamin Verdonck). Over the last years she created the costumes for the Rosas productions Zeitung (2008), The Song (2009), En Atendant (2010) and Cesena (2011).