Introducing: Robert Wilson

30 July 2012

Robert Wilson - a star of the theater avantgarde - will be performing John Cage. As a homage to John Cage and in the context of Europeras 1&2, Robert Wilson will hold John Cage's Lecture on Nothing one of the central texts of twentieth century experimental literature. With his formal approach to texts and materials, freeing the imagination, Robert Wilson is the perfect Cage performer. Cage's lecture is exclusively composed according to musical criteria, and its subject is the lecture itself and its continuation. The pulse and the pauses taken by voice, the tempi and the sound of language stand at the foreground. This creates a domination-free space between text and silence, a language/music of sound and silence.

Together with composer Arno Kraehahn and the young Polish video artist Tomek Jeziorski he will develop an acoustically and visually inspiring approach to the text.

Lecture on Nothing: 22. and 28.August, Jahrhunderthalle Bochum