World premiere of Marketplace 76 by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

03 September 2012

Marketplace 76 is a kaleidoscopic story in three parts. The basic scenario is as dramatic as it is quickly told: a tragic accident brings several residents of a village to their deaths. The tragedy weighs heavily on those left behind. Mourning dominates their everyday lives until one day a boat falls from the sky. This new piece for Needcompany was written and created by Jan Lauwers. Together with the three composers Rombout Willems Maarten Seghers, and Hans Petter Dahl, he developed it into a musical scenario in which the village dwellers report in an epic form of the events that they experienced.

Premiere - 7. September 2012
Further dates - 8. 13. 14. 15. September jeweils 19.30 Uhr
Duration - ca. 2 h 20 min
Location - Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

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