Benoît Gob

Benoît Gob studied painting at the academy of art in Liège and then continued studying at INSAS in Brussels. In 1998 he joined Wim Vandekeybus' dance company Ultima Vez and danced in several productions including The day of heaven and hell, In spite of wishing and wanting and Inasmuch as life is borrowed.
He collaborated for the first time with Needcompany in (AND) (2002) by Grace Ellen Barkey. He replaced Dick Crane in Images of Affection (2002). In addition to this he also appeared in Isabella's room (2004), The Lobster Shop (2006), The Deer House (2008), The art of entertainment (2011), Needlapb and The House of Our Fathers by Jan Lauwers and Chunking (2005), The Porcelain Project (2007), This door is too small (for a bear) (2010) and MUSH-ROOM (2013) by Grace Ellen Barkey.