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Gasometer Oberhausen

Gasometer Oberhausen

Arenastr. 11

46047 Oberhausen


Has stood by the Rhine-Herne canal in Oberhausen since 1929.  With a height of 117.5m and a diameter of 67.6m, it is Europe’s largest gasometer.  The Gasometer Oberhausen, a so-called telescopic gas container initially stored recovery gas, a waste product from the furnaces, and later the valuable coking gas, and supplied the surrounding industrial complex with gas.

With the decline in heavy industry the gasometer became redundant and was eventually closed in 1988.  In the course of its reconstruction in 1993/4, the former pressure disc was fixed at a height of 4.20m.  A gigantic circular room was created underneath it for events.  A glass elevator allows people to travel up underneath the roof of the gasometer.  From the top of this unmistakeable regional landmark, a remarkable panorama opens up of the Western Ruhrgebiet.

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