Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Gautama in luck

Based on motifs from the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


»It is good to taste everything oneself that one needs to know.«
/ Hermann Hesse in Siddhartha

Concept and Director
Barbara Wollrath-Kramer
Christoph Beck
décor / props
Julia Behrent
Lena Martin
Helmut Schandl
assistent director
Katharina Lüdin
assistent décor
Aurel Walker
Siddhartha 1
Johanna Küsters
Siddhartha 2
Michael Hess
Siddhartha 3
Carlos Sampaio
Siddhartha 4
Stephan ­Brinkmann
The Ideal
Lotte Rudhart
The Whore
Leonie Bockemühl
Erasmus Stein
Marion Gerlach-­Goldfuß
Men in red
Felix Ahlert, Martin van Bracht
The Sheep
Jaschar Markazi
Percussion / Piano
Christoph Beck
Adam McKenzie
Magdalena Walesch
and with
Nefise Alaca, Max Block, Adriana Brahja, Steven Czerlitza, Tessa Dohm, Maik Engelbracht, Rene Föhring, Johannes Franken, Alexander Grigorian, Nalin Hammad, Larissa Janiszek, Nicole Janotta, Annika Kaluza, Mükremin Karatas, Pascal Kozlik, Sebastian Lenz, Saskia Piper, Christina Schmidt, Giuseppe Venza, Andreas Wanke, Jasmin Wessel, Danielle Wiedemeier

Siddhartha, a young man from a respectable household, cuts his hair and eats almost nothing any more – this is his first attempt to find his pure, inner core and the true nature of human happiness. To be totally himself in purity, to be himself completely, this is what young Siddhartha wants and he tries to achieve it through absolute abstinence. It doesn’t work. Then he meets the Buddha Gotama, who has succeeded in exposing his pure, inner core and who passes his wisdom on, surrounded by a retinue of Buddhist monks.

But Siddhartha does not follow him. He does not believe that one can learn merely through listening. He wants and must gain experience for himself. On his journey to himself he almost loses himself completely – in passionate love, in striving for riches and success, in the delights and distractions of this world. He comes to his senses beside a river and realizes he must start again from the beginning. Siddhartha is accompanied by his friend Govinda and the ferryman Vasudeva. The story of Siddhartha will be danced and narrated in a series of powerful images. The installation accompanying the performance can be explored and discovered all day.

A Ruhrtriennale commission in collaboration with Theater Total.

Sponsored by the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Ruhrtriennale.

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