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My Reincarnation

Director: Jennifer Fox (USA, CH, D, I, NL 2010)

The filmmaker Jennifer Fox accompanied the Tibetan master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and his son Yeshi for 20 years and documented their extraordinary story: Rinpoche escaped from Tibet in 1959 and fled to Italy, where he married and had two children. His son Yeshi is recognized as the reincarnation of a famous Tibetan spiritual master, but Yeshi does not wish to know anything about his calling. The film shows Yeshi’s development from an 18 year-old boy to the 38 year-old father of a family and Rinpoche’s transformation from a healthy 50 year-old to a 70 year-old patriarch who is becoming progressively more ill. The life-long development and dispute between the two men also makes My Reincarnation a moving father and son story.

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