Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.


Monks from the Kingdom of Bhutan cast a sand mandala in the Jahrhunderthalle

»The boundless held in an image.«

As the climax and conclusion of this year’s festival, the Ruhrtriennale will commission the casting of a giant sand mandala from the Drugpa Kagyü school of Bhutanese Buddhism by 6 monks from Bhutan. In Buddhist tradition the mandala is a central visual element of religious meditation. Not only its contemplation but also – when it made out of sand – its casting is a key meditative and training exercise. Sand mixed with mineral dyes will be cast with great artistry in the most delicate patterns. Spirituality and art are combined in an almost pure form. The casting process lasts several days. The monks spend hours at a time bending over the floor, allowing the sand to run through their motionless fingers.

While the mandala is being created, lectures and introductions will offer a wider and deeper understanding of the mandala, Buddhism and the Kingdom of Bhutan. We invite our audience most warmly to visit the monks and to experience their daily rituals of spiritual purification of the space.

The mandala is intended to focus attention on the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, which succeeds in combining tradition and enlightened thought in such an exemplary manner, providing inspiration and productive discussion around the world with ideas like the measure of Gross National Happiness.

Lectures in the course of this event:
Secret Mandala
Bhutan - a Happy Country?